The Passion Bandolier 2014

The Passion Bandolier 2014On October 10, 11, 12 and 13 The Passion Bandolier 2014 is celebrated in the streets of El Burgo historical reenactment of the events of banditry in Spain around 1840.

This time the event focuses on the history of Agustina bad off that as a woman, mother and worker peasant, had to become a captain of robbers forced by locals landowners. Among wagon robberies, assaults and beatings cupboards artillery, Agustina know his beloved Joseph Drover (of known handsome bandits or bullies), which will root with a real passion bandolier which all attendees can participate.

This event is known for its accurate recreation of characters who get transported faithfully to the time, not only with their performances, but with their well-crafted costumes, decorations and other decorative objects that have been carefully detailed for the occasion and make one of the attractions visual over the party.

Of course, no shortage of good wines in sales set in the nineteenth century, with a proper setting of the humblest loaded meals of the time (served as a lid on clay plates), pottery with local wines (known as pajarete) and entertained by the bartenders of the place that will make the event a celebration for all visitors.

The place to share and soak up some Spanish history and go back to the wars between Carlists and Elizabethan, remember famous thieves and smugglers that made their jobs a whole self-righteous political protest, storming gigs in the weaknesses of all time Sierra Morena, known as forced to enter Andalusia Despenaperros step.

An event adapted and brought to our days to enjoy definitely in good company!

And very close, a beautiful environment Malaga you can not miss just 30 minutes from the bandits, the town of Ronda.