The Day of Virgen Carmen, celebrates its day on July 16 every year, with increasingly popular holiday in coastal areas, as is the patroness of the sea and sailors and the Spanish armada.

In the south of Spain is becoming more common for devotees to take out this virgin’s procession by land or sea, and in many areas of the Sunshine Coast, as in Benalmadena Puerto Marina and specifically in the procession starts on land and ends at the sea, which has caused the admiration not only of Benalmadenses if tourists in general, becoming a tourist and cultural claim over the harbor.

The story goes that Simon Stock, Superior of the Order of Carmelites and founder of several monasteries, persecuted seeing your order, asked the Virgin of Carmen signal protection. Precisely, 16 July, the Lady appeared with a scapular as a sign of his protection, saying, “This is the sign that I bring you protection. Whosoever dies wearing this scapular will not get to see the flames of hell. ”

This year, “The Veladilla del Carmen” will be celebrated with several events on different days of the month of July.
On 12, 13 and July 14 at 20 pm will be held the Solemn Triduum, the 15th of July, all day will be held the official hand kissing and finally on July 16 to 11 will be given the 19 pm Eucharist and the expected start terrestrial maritime procession, as every year ending with a fireworks display -. musical fireworks.
If you do not know this fiesta, come to Puerto Marina, Benalmádena on Wednesday 16 July.