benalmadena corpus christiThis year’s celebration of The Benalmadena Celebration Corpus Christi Day 2014 takes place on Thursday June 19th ,  sixty days after Easter Sunday by the tradition oft he Catholic Church . In Spain it usually always falls on a Thursday and it is moved to the following Sunday.

Benalmádena is a town where many festivals , fairs , pilgrimages and many other traditional cultural festivities take place.
For the  main event it  is customary  to decorate the streets with floral carpets of  carnations and other flowers  and , beautiful altars , for the passage of the procession of the  Corpus Christi . All these ornaments are carefully made ​​each year by the residents, voluntarily , during the early hours of Saturday to Sunday. Over 72,000 carnations were used last year to prepare for the passage of the Custody.

During the celebration of Corpus Christi  it fills its streets of Benalmádena with different  fragrances, colours and lights , along with the people  who gather to enjoy the procession where the Host  is displayed in a monstrance and thus proclaims the faith of Catholics in the presence of the real body of Jesus Christ.

During the morning from the Virgen del Carmen Church of Benalmádena Costa , part of the Corpus Christi procession , traditionally accompanied by the band of drums and bugles of The Merged Malaga Band  . On its way the attention falls on the main roads of the town, where visitors and locals enjoy each year of the striking floral carpet of the  Calle Real . In the afternoon , the procession of Corpus Christi  re-starts  in Arroyo de la Miel  around 20:15 pm, leaving from the Immaculate Conception Church.

This massive  event in Benalmádena takes place  each year  and the number of visitors keeps rising. The event of the Corpus Christi   promotes  our most popular customs. A traditional celebration for more than 25 years  has  all the support of all residents and organisations in Benalmádena to ensure the delight of all attendees.