Some of the best Restaurants in Benalmadena according to TripAdvisor.

Trip advisor is a tool that is increasingly used by travellers, it gives the opinion on restaurants, hotels, flights, holidays and things to do in the places they visit and which serves as a recommendation to other travellers when choosing a facility. Thanks to this tool the hotels and restaurants, have been stepping on improving their customer service and their quality and care users, since a bad or good recommendation can make you much more visible before potential users. This week we have chosen our area, Benalmadena, and we have analysed what restaurants lining are at the first 5 positions:

  1. Gelateria di Porto Marina
  2. Restaurante Toro Puerto Marina
  3. Arroceria La Barraca
  4. ANGUS Puerto Marina
  5. Tex Mex Gringos

Two of the top five are located in Benalmadena Puerto Marina, crucial to tourism on the coast. Puerto Marina meets all the requirements that tourists’ want, and not just tourists, but the locals themselves, as it combines the best restaurants and endless shopping possibilities. Surprise! At the number one spot an ice cream Parlour position, La Gelateria di porto marina, an ice cream parlour in which the front of house  is Lucciano, an Italian gentleman  who is responsible for producing the traditional Italian ice cream. Every morning you can see him behind the glass of the Heladería working and creating new flavours to offer the public a wide choice of ice cream every day. In addition to his kindness and confidence, this is one of  reason for its success. All comments we see of that ice cream parlour are positive, friendly and of a very attentive service. Also when night falls Puerto Marina is also known for its wide variety of bars and clubs at its disposal, all in the same place, with parking, taxi and some sunsets and sunrises that are unbeatable. Only specialized international papers perhaps for this reason that the Benalmádena Marina has been awarded twice as the “Best Marina in the World”, a title award it.