The Ojén Township will open its doors on Saturday May 31 on its fourth edition of VINOJÉN , an event that will provide an opportunity to meet the wine culture in its most specific aspects to all attendees .

VINOJÉN has been held in the village of Ojen since 2008 , it takes place every two years and its main objective is to bring all attendees a   comprehensive introduction to the Bacchus culture that enwraps this art. This event will offer wine tasting with different wines with designations of origin and traditional tapas, and a wine conference , to be held in the Plenary Hall of the City of Ojén at 16h30 in the hall of the City of Ojén. The speakers will be Jose Gutierrez , Director of CIO Mijas, and Alberto Egea Barrado sommelier .

This unique opportunity will have a wide range of bars and restaurants in the town that day to open their doors to visitors , offering its most representative dishes and tapas.

Over a hundred wines from different wineries will be offered, and the ticket price is of ten euros(10 euros). This will include 4 wine tastings accompanied by 4 different tapas. this includes a token includes of a wine tasting glass with the inscription VINOJÉN memory of 2014. If you wish to taste more wines and tapas there will be tickets for sale.

The event also will have a contest to choose the best   wines of the event for 2014 . The jury members will be the Ojén Wine Classroom , the award to each mode will be given from 19h30 in the courtyard of the CEIP in Los Llanos Ojen .

In the past the wine civilisation was always well regarded by the Western upper-class.In any banquet of considerable importance   it was common to continue drinking until you were inebriated , all this accompied with animated music, games and other entertainment for the occasion.

In addition , the tombs of the nobles were decorated with scenes of viticulture which allowed you to know how the grape harvest and winemaking was done in ancient civilisations, where the wine earned great prominence in the funeral world for its strong symbolism as it associated with regeneration and renewal of life .

To this day , although with different connotations ,the wine culture has been cultivating this tradition , the IV FAIR WINE TASTING AND TAPAS, VINOJÉN 2014 aims to provide a good opportunity to meet new wines and traditional flavours , both experts and all the neighbours who want to enjoy all this , set the best scenario of the fabulous villa Ojén are welcome to come and join us.