Festival of Mosto AtajateFestival of Mosto Atajate

Every year, the Festival of Mosto Atajate, is celebrated in the town of Malaga Atajate on the last Saturday of November, every year.

Hundreds of people attended the festivities that begin at the popular festival, where visitors can buy handmade drink, in addition to various tastings sessions. During the celebration, tourists are offered newly fermented wine, a completely handmade vintage produced by the local residents.

This wine is celebrated since the 90s, until the early hours of the morning and has become an event of popular tradition among locals and tourists. This festive day occurs after the harvest by the neighbours, who generously give their food in exchange for this drink, much to the enjoyment of locals throughout the day.

The Fiesta of Mosto Atajate has been declared of Provincial Tourist Interest, where the grape juice is the protagonist accompanied by an equally popular dish in Andalusia, migas!

Did you know that this drink is highly recommended to improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure? And with this drink, it will also strengthen our most precious muscle, the heart.

If you want to know more details about this Festival. Must see to discover the 29th of November in Atajate!