Festival Jamon CampillosFestival Jamon Campillos

On 9 November, the flagship park José María Hinojosa transforms from mid morning into a whole market of traditional products for dealers in the area. This is another edition of the Festival  Jamon Campillos and other pork products, which about 60 exhibitors and thousands of visitors come each year.
Festival of Jamon Campillos has become very important from the business sector and is well regarded not only Campillos but among all people and businesses in the province.
The Festival Jamon Campillos as good festival, has parallels to the sale of handicrafts, such as live music group products Tuky Thi Afriq, verdiales, playground and shows pouring activities.
In 2010 Festival of Jamon Campillos and pork products was declared a Festival Tourist Singularity by Provincial Council of Malaga.
A must for all lovers of good ham and other local quality products, which surely can taste and purchase among the exhibitors at the Festival Jamon Campillos 2014. Enjoy!