Puerto Marina, Benalmadena is one of the most visited landmarks and the Costa del Sol

In 1995 and 1997 he was awarded “Best Marina in the World” by industry trade journals.

Analyzing all corners of the marina and shopping, we found wonderful places and not known to all, since they are located within the harbor shops and restaurants.

In this case we will reveal one of the most romantic places in the port located inside the restaurant Toro. This restaurant plus terrace with sea views has an exclusive corner in which only fits a table for 6 people and can also be reserved for romantic dinners or surprise.

More than a table at Toro Restaurant, is a private balcony which provides privacy, romance and exclusivity with superb views of the place.

Perfect for watching sunsets, accompanied by good wine and of course, a dinner of exquisite quality.

The exquisiteness of customer treatment of this restaurant and its quality raw material and wine selection make this corner, more and more known, is at a premium, so we recommend making reservation for a perfect evening.

Being an enclosed balcony, is also much in demand for business lunches and businesses at noon, as well, the restaurant has free wifi service.

Puerto Marina, which opened in 1979 under the name of Port au Prince in 1982 and opened as Puerto Marina, has 1,108 berths and a varied culinary and shopping that has become a must for tourists and Malagueños want to enjoy the good service of the Costa del Sol