Benalmádena-A little history

We are in the town of Benalmádena, between the Sierra de Mijas and the Alboran Sea, just over 20 km from the province of Málaga.

Surely you’ve wondered more than once Where does the origin of the name of the municipality. The hypothesis is that  according to historians, is the Arabic toponym of Ibn al-ma’din or “sons of mine”.  Whose origin could come from mineral deposits of iron and copper that  existed in  this area . Other theories, unproven, also related to the Arabic word al-Bina madden “building”; the possible name Bina al-Madina “the estate of the al-Madina” wealthy Muslim family  of Málaga; Ben al-Madana or an Arab lineage, “the lineage of Madana”.

From ancient times to the present day, the settlement was imminent between cultures in our town. Sanctuary in the Paleolithic, Phoenician settlement, Roman province, Moorish kingdom, Christian fortitude … Benalmádena has gone through multiple historical and cultural identities that today make it a tourist center rich with varied points of interest.

The main places of interest to visit in Benalmádena are:

Cueva del Toro: prehistoric site probably used as a sanctuary. Another important Botijos Cave, Cave Zorrera, Cave and Cave Cacharros Alquibla.

Site of the Phoenician Era.

Watchtowers: the Torremuelle, Torre Quebrada and Torre Bermeja. They were part of the defensive system of the Nazari kingdom.

Castle Colomares: tribute to Christopher Columbus monument, dated between 1987 and 1994.

Plaza of Spain: origin of this urban core, attributed to Felix Solesio Genoese.

The Girl Benalmadena: bronze sculpture by Jaime Pimentel.

Ventorrillo Bitch: Information rebuilt in 1972, currently restaurant with typical Spanish cuisine.

As a result, the largest population growth in the municipality takes place from the sixties with the growth and promotion of tourism in the Costa del Sol and new born tourism activities in Benalmádena district:

Entertainment and Amusement Park Tivoli World, opened to the public since 1973.

Benalmadena Sea Life Aquarium, focused on the protection of species of black tip shark.

Marina Dolphinarium and penguinarium Selwo, marine wildlife park, located at the fairgrounds Arroyo de la Miel.

Benalmádena Cable Car, with birds of prey at the top of Calamorro.

Torrequebrada Casino, opened in 1979.

Now that you know a little better the origins of Benalmádena, we invite you to stroll through its streets and magical corners, steeped in history, certainly will offer you the best  visit to the Costa del Sol! We are waiting for you!